Today marks the beginning of an interesting new project. I have decided to build my own astromech droid!

As many of you know, I have been active in robotics for many years and have built numerous small robots to test new ideas and algorithms. At one point I even worked with some friends on a crowd funded robotics platform before the project was shut down due to lack of funding. But I have never had the opportunity to take my robotics to the next level and build a full size, Star Wars inspired astromech droid.

My design is based on the public design produced and distributed by James Bruton of XRobots. It is going to be 3D printed, and due to the scale and complexity of the printing will most likely be a long term project taking several years. At this point I am not entirely certain which customizations I will be including, focusing instead on the basic frame and electronics. 

And since this is a large, long term project which could be of interest to other robotics enthusiasts, I have also decided to give updates on the progress on this blog. I am not sure how often I will provide updates, and unfortunately I have no photos to share right now, but I am hoping to add more content in the next few weeks and months.

So feel free to view my work, and I hope it inspires some of you to pursue projects of your own!