So I haven't made as much progress on the project as I had hoped to, but I thought it was time for a quick update anyway.

I have now printed most of the parts for the head frame, but I have hit a little snag. On my 3D printer, the larger parts of the frame just barely fit onto the printing bed. Worse still is that because my printer is a little slower than I would like, the layers are cooling too quickly to get a clean print. And that means that I cannot print all of the parts on my office machine yet.

The solution is to install a new, heated printing bed. But that has to be specially ordered in, and between my recent travels and the ongoing threat of a postal strike I haven't wanted to risk placing an order yet. However I am hoping to get the order submitted next week, and hopefully shortly after (Canadian) Thanksgiving I will be able to get it installed and start printing again.

So although it has been an irritating delay, the project is still progressing. I am hoping to have some initial construction and photos before the end of the year, so stay tuned for the next installment of my astromech project!