As readers of my main blog know, sometime in the past few months my computer and website got hacked into and tampered with. My private diary, which was password protected when I created it and should have always remained that way, was instead made public. My mundane musings and trivial tripe were edited and added to to make them far more serious than anything I would ever write let alone release to the world. Other pages were deleted, links were added and others erased, and files stored on a remote server were changed.

I thought it would be over with once I changed the password, but this morning someone replaced at least two private blog entries that had been erased a yesterday. (It may be possible that the company that hosts my website undid the deletion, but I see no reason why they would). So I have added this blog to keep my updates and information in one place, and not have it clutter my primary blog.

As always with my websites and my blogs, they are just ramblings and opinions and should never be taken seriously. I will remove anything upon reasonable request, and do appreciate being informed if my site has been hacked into and altered. And of course, as with all of my websites and blogs going back to the dawn of the internet, users and viewers of my site must agree to my standard terms and conditions (Which doesn't really affect 99.9% of users since it basically says don't trouble me and I won't trouble you, but which I always add just to be safe from the few troublemakers out there)

So that is the reason for this blog. As I said above, the vast majority of people who use my site will have no reason to read this but I want to keep track of things and let a few close friends know about the trials and tribulations.