Since my posts and private diary and unpublished drafts got added to and edited, I thought I would take a moment to give some rough guidelines for readers on how to identify my writings:

  • If it relates to some obscure mathematics or science topic that only an uber-geek or a specialist would have any interest in
  • If it requires a degree in English literature and an unabridged dictionary to interpret
  • If it praises people who have done a kindness for me or who have helped me at some point
  • If every second phrase is a disclaimer about it being only my opinions or understanding
  • If the same thing could be said in less than half as many words (I have been accused of many things, but terseness and brevity are not among them)
...then I probably wrote it. To the contrary though,

  • If it is critical of a person rather than an event
  • If it gives names or identifying characteristics of any living person (and isn't referring to a news item)
  • If it criticizes any extended family member or co-worker (at this point, I have no animosity towards anyone in either category)
  • If it uses any forms of insufferable twitter-speak and is not written on twitter
  • If the opinions are contrary to those I have given in person (since I will tell someone face-to-face my opinions, and wouldn't stoop to backstabbing as some may)
  • If it contains a misspelling or a grammatical error
  • If it states anything other than mathematical logic as though it were a fact (I do not believe in objective truth, but rather subjective truth)
... then I did not write it. 

It seems to me to be a sad commentary on the state of modern society that I must write this guideline, since no one should be writing under my name but me. Regrettably this most recent and most heinous violation of my personal space leaves me feeling I have no choice but to write this.