In my ongoing quest to repair the damage caused by nefarious ne'er-do-wells who hacked into my network, I have been dumping the access logs from my WiFi system. At this point there are seven entries that do not appear to be connected to my equipment, although I am sure a couple of these are legitimate visitors or obsolete machinery that has since been updated. However I will be trying this week to track them all down to try and find the intruder.

UPDATE: I have now identified six devices which accessed my network without authorization. It is possible that two of them were obsolete devices that I disposed of years ago, which either stayed in the log inadvertently or which are being used by someone else. The other four are from manufacturers that I do not use, and may be parts of the hackers' computers.

The second comment is that the hacker seems to have targeted only certain files and pages related to certain topics.  For that reason, I am isolating those pages on a separate remote server so that they will be less vulnerable now. I apologize in advance to those who find dead links or missing pages in the future as a result of this move.
Third order of business relates to e-mail accounts. It has been suggested that people don't know if they are contacting me or not because of someone using e-mail accounts in my name. Therefore I am closing down all accounts except for those two or three that I give out to friends and family, plus my one professional account. All others will be retired effective immediately.