For anyone who is interested, I am still in the process of undoing the changes and additions made by the still anonymous hacker who illicitly modified my website at some point in the previous few weeks or months. So far I have found three new entries that I did not write, and five that were modified after writing. And some of my e-mail messages were also either deleted or redirected. And of course the biggest threat of all was that someone removed the password protection and privacy settings from at least seven pages!

 I also found several links had been deleted, including the link on my frontpage to my website terms and conditions. As users of my previous websites through the university and through my previous ISP know, I always have a list of terms and conditions at the entrance to my websites just in case something happens, but as one individual noted many years ago they can always be summed up as "don't bug me and I won't bug you". But in all seriousness, the conditions are similar to the standard GNU public license and creative commons licenses, and are not relevant to 99.9% of users of my website. Don't cause me any trouble, and don't steal my stuff, and don't do anything illegal using my site.

So I am starting to get things back to normal, and I am going to be more vigilant in the future about looking at my website as others see it and try to update it more frequently. The damage from this hacker will eventually be resolved, but the scars may always remain.
UPDATE: On November 5, 2011 at sometime in the morning hours someone hacked into my private blog again and replaced at least two of the articles that had been deleted.  Since this problem with hackers seems to be going on for a while, I am setting up a separate page for messages and information on the security breach.

UPDATE: I should also clarify that I don't mind if friends, family and even co-workers have been reading my private blog. Although it wasn't meant to be public, I really don't mind if people did read it. Just remember that I didn't write some of the pages.