It's Fathers day again, and day set aside to celebrate the special memories of our father's or grandfather's, or even a kind uncle. Many years ago I saw this article, so I am reprinting it here:

Everyone remembers Mother's day easily, but I think they sometimes forget the special role a father has in a child's life.

Who else would let you climb a tree, fall out, and try again because it "builds character"?

Who else can see the beauty of a rusted out piece of junk that might be useful one day, so it must be saved!

Who else would let you keep your bedroom messy, for fear that the next target of neatness will be his garage?
 Who else would have the courage to let you drive his truck the first day you have a learner's permit? And even more bravery by sitting in the passenger seat!

 And who else but a kind and loving father knows that the best greeting of all is a half-hearted grunt of disinterest so neither of you has to actually share a feeling...

Happy Father's Day!