Today marks the third anniversary of my father's death

So to mark the occasion, I ventured out to the burial park today to clean up his headstone, take a few photos while the weather is suitable, and leave flowers for all of my other relatives buried there. Not that I really need an excuse to wander through the trees and gardens at the cemetery.

Royal Oak Burial Park, Section S. My father's place is under the
Himalayan white birch, towards the park bench.                         

 I didn't see any deer out there on this trip (as locals know, in the summer there are usually a dozen deer or more roaming the park), however flowers left for my grandparents are being devoured within a couple of days so I suspect the residents are returning.  I suppose that means the flowers I left today won't last long either...

 PS: Once more I must note that my blog seems to increment the date mid-afternoon, so while I am writing on April 22,2010 the date it adds is April 23,2010. Silly program.