I think the fates above decided that I didn't quite have a bad enough week yet, because two days ago they made my internet connection die on me. And then when I phoned the company for information, I encountered the more 'interesting' automated calling system I have ever heard of. 
 Since I have my internet with the same company that used to carry my cell phone, as soon as I phone them through my landline, their system assumes that I must want the cell phone department. And it doesn't give any option except to forward to that department. Then the automated system wants a voice command before it will let me talk to a real person, except for some reason their computer doesn't recognize my voice commands now. Eventually I got through, and the system told me that the cell phone department is closed and hung up on me.
The problem is, the internet department is open much later but none of their four phone numbers can bypass this automated redirection system. 

It is so reassuring to know that one of the countries biggest communications companies cannot figure out how to make their own telephone system work...