I came to a startling conclusion a few weeks ago that I am not the only person in the world named Chris Bird. Imagine that - the creative name my parents thought of was not unique?

I realized this when some friends searched for me on Facebook and found (at the time) over 1000 entries for 'Chris Bird'. On Google it is even worse. 

And so I introduce a series of blog entries titled 'People I Am Not' to help clear up the confusion.

  • I AM a Canadian physicist and amateur roboticist, computer programmer, and mathematician. 
  • I am also responsible for a family tree online that traces my heritage back to the 1530's
  • I am also responsible for the Grandiloquent Dictionary, which receives hundreds of thousands of views and has spawned many derivative works.

  • I am not the blogger known as TheMightyGodKing
  • I am not the famous twentieth century botanist and author
  • Although I am an astrophysicist, I am not the astronomy graduate student who wrote several papers on galaxies in the mid-1990s
  • I am also not the astronomer who still publishes papers on galaxy observations
  • I did NOT write an entire webpage on the 'physics of love'
  • I am not the gun lobbyist who writes articles in many newspapers in Eastern Canada
  • I am not the alternative medicine blogger in Britain
  • I am not the American law student who contributes to legal forums
  • My research is published on this website, or in peer-reviewed journals, not in blogs and forums
So that is a start on people I am not. I am sure that in the coming months and years I will find many more people who I am not...