I have had a few people ask about tutoring over the university reading break week, so I thought I would post the information here. 

I will be offering tutorial sessions this week, but I am not offering as many as previous years so interested students should contact me as soon as possible. I can offer both one-on-one tutorials or group sessions depending on what is requested (the group sessions are cheaper for the students, but it is up to the individual students to organize time and place). As before, the tutorials can be conducted in person, via e-mail, private chat room, or through my Moodle e-learning server.

As in past years, I can help with physics at any level from high school to graduate school, mathematics up to and including some graduate level courses, and undergraduate level engineering courses in electronics, robotics, and computer programming. (I can also handle some other topics, such as undergraduate chemistry and biology, so if you are in need of a tutor in another field feel free to contact me)

I would also like to remind students that my colleagues at Lonrach R&T maintain a list of individuals who are willing to tutor students at all levels of science and engineering. The latest version can be found here.