It would seem that there was some sort of technical difficulty with my blog so that the last few months of entries were deleted. I can't rewrite them all, but here is a summary of the last few months:

  •  I found a roofer to do my roof, and they say it will be a one or two day job. At the two week mark they aren't even half finished yet. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say it was due to bad weather.  
  •  As usual I went overboard with pumpkins for Halloween. Photos are published in my Flickr account
  •  After three years of roofing problems, I finally have a nice new roof. Whatever trouble we may have had with getting it completed, the final results look pretty good.
  •  I audited several senior electrical engineering courses in my sparse free time, and will probably take more in 2010 just for the fun of it.
  •  I overdid the Christmas decorations again, pictures will be posted later
  • Spent most of the month focused on Christmas. Photos are over at my Flickr account.
  • Also built a new robot, photos and description will be added to my website when it is a little further along.
  • Happy New Year!
  • Starting off the year with a week long illness
  • Happy Birthday to Me! I turned 29 for the fifth time this year.
  • My blog hits technical difficulties, and I have to summarize five lost months...