As some of you remember, about ten years ago I wrote a series of screensavers based on the chaos game methods of generating fractals. At the time they were very popular, and had tens of thousands of downloads. 

 Then in 2002 I got busy with other responsibilities and quit updating them,

Well, this weekend I finally seemed to have enough freetime to rewrite them using OpenGL so that they would work with the latest graphics processors. Or at least I thought I did...

Friday afternoon there was a power outage in the neighbourhood and although it only lasted a few minutes, the surge bypassed my UPS and surge protector and my computer ceased booting up. After two days of reinstalling applications, repairing the registry, and re-organizing the services I managed to get my computer to at least boot to an OS.

Since that time I have been working on fixing all the corrupted files, but I still can't get my IDE and compiler to properly load. (In fact my browsers have been fried too, and this is my fourth attempt at writing this entry)

So just like the major software publishers, I will have to delay the release of these new screensavers to an indeterminate future date. But I promise that when I get spare time again, I will get them released on this website.

The best laid plans of mice and men...