Some of the more loyal readers of my blog may recall last year that I was interviewed by a graduate student whose thesis topic was on internet based word lists and dictionaries. 

Well this evening I received an e-mail from Anna Matsen letting me know that she has now completed her thesis, which includes information on my own Grandiloquent Dictionary website and transcripts of the interviews I participated in. Having been a graduate student myself and having worked many late nights and long weekends to write my own thesis, I know how labour intensive the task is, and I wish to congratulate Ms. Matsen on completing her work (and hopefully successfully defending it to earn the corresponding degree).

In the past decade and a half my dictionary has been used in so many various projects around the world, and I am amazed and honoured by every one of them. And yet it is still a huge honour for me to know that my little dictionary that I wrote solely for my own use when I was starting university should now be the subject of an academic study. 

Once again, I thank Ms. Matsen for considering my website to be worthy of inclusion in her thesis, and I thank all of the loyal fans of the dictionary for their support and kind words.