I enjoy so many different things that I have ended up with a diverse range of skills. Normally this would be a good thing - and it really is - but it has ended up with a very busy week for me.

In the last week I have:
  • Held about a dozen 1-on-1 tutoring sessions
  • Held two group tutorials/drop-in sessions - one in physics and one in math
  • Finalized the designs for a new line of greeting cards based on my artwork
  • Proofread the preliminary draft of a new physics textbook for a colleague of mine
  • Written two complete pieces of industry-specific software
  • Organized the robotics section of my lab/office/workshop
  • Built and programmed some automated Halloween decorations for another client
  • and Started negotiations for a new printed version of my infamous dictionary
I am rejuvenated to have so much work now and to have the chance to build up my consulting business, but I am also exhausted from all the work!

PS: I should also add that with mid-term season starting I am going to be holding group tutorial sessions in physics and math (other topics may be possible as well). Times to be posted later. Also if you have a group interested in booking a (discounted) tutorial session, send me a note and we can discuss a time and location.