I know what you are thinking - this is the sixth blog on my website (not counting my other websites) and how could anyone need so much space to ramble on about random topics. I often wonder the same thing, but in my defence most of the blogs are no longer maintained.

For those who are not already aware, in Fall 2011 my website got hacked into. The hacker destroyed four of my blogs and left them in a state where it was simpler to de-commission them rather than rebuild them. For a time, I tried going without a blog for my thoughts and news items, but I have found that I need a place to put random stuff that does not fit elsewhere on my site.

And thus this blog was born. I already have a blog for science and technology items, and now this blog will cover everything else that is happening in the world or in my own life.  As with all of my website pages, reading them constitutes acceptance of my standard terms and conditions (which can be summarized as don't give me trouble, and I won't give you trouble either). 

Now I just have to hope that this blog doesn't get destroyed as my last ones did!