Today marks a new beginning for my science and technology blog.

As most loyal readers are aware, I have maintained a blog on my website for the past four years, and another one before that for about three or four years, in which I pass on and explain interesting news stories or current theories in the fields of mathematics, physics, medicine, and technology (although primarily particle physics and astrophysics).

As many of you also are aware, in the Fall of 2011 my website was hacked into and suffered significant damage and vandalism. Although my science blog survived this, a couple of other pages were so badly damaged that they had to be rewritten from scratch. One blog didn't survive at all, because the blogging software used by my host has limited features that do not allow reconstruction.

Therefore I have made the decision to archive my old blog and start over with a new one. In this way I can (hopefully) protect the work I have put in over the years, and limit future changes to this new blog instead. It is not an ideal solution, and I am certainly not pleased to have to do it, but I believe it is for the best.

I look forward to writing many new articles on this new blog, and hope you all continue to enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.