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Four New Planets

Posted by on Tuesday, April 11, 2017, In : Astronomy 
Congratulations to the researchers and volunteers with the Exoplanet Explorers project, with the announcement today that they have discovered four new planets orbiting a distant star.

These planets have been nominally named EE-1b, EE-1c, EE-1d, and EE-1e and are orbiting a star similar to our own sun, but located six hundred light years away in the Aquarius constellation. Each of them is approximately twice the mass of the Earth, but they have years that last between three and thirteen days. ...
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A New Force

Posted by on Tuesday, April 11, 2017,
There is an interesting new result in the physics community today, with the possible discovery of a new force that acts on very small objects. This result has just been announcement, and as such it is still far from being independently confirmed, but if it is true then it will have a number of implications for the growing field of nanotechnology.

The new force is being called the lateral Casimir effect, and appears to be a variation on the well known Casimir force that affects other nanoscale ...
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