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Computed Tomography Reconstruction

Posted by on Wednesday, June 26, 2019, In : Medical 
In yesterday's article I demonstrated an intuitive explanation of the Fourier transform, which is used in nearly every branch of physics and mathematics. It allows an image to be stored in terms of its properties, such as average brightness and weighting of different regions of the image, and therefore is more useful for data analysis than a bitmapped image would be.

Today I will demonstrate one of the many applications of the Fourier transform. As promised, today I will be demonstrating how a...
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Fourier Transforms

Posted by on Tuesday, June 25, 2019, In : Mathematics 
I have spent the last few weeks pondering what I should write about for my first article back. Should I go into something exotic in astrophysics such as magnetic monopoles or topological defects? Should I go into complicated mathematical research and paradoxes? Should I go into the bizarre world of quantum mechanics and its foundations? Nothing seemed quite right.

So I decided to write about Fourier transforms. That's right, after thinking about some of the strangest concepts in physics and ma...
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