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Comet Neowise

Posted by on Thursday, July 23, 2020, In : Astronomy 
For those of you who are growing bored in lockdown, there is an interesting object in the night sky for most of this month. And even better, it can be observed without any special equipment, and while maintaining social distancing and isolation.

Back in March, while the rest of the world was dealing with the growing pandemic, a team of astronomers working on the the Neowise space telescope mission made a fascinating discovery. They observed a comet traveling past the Sun, and which was not pre...
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The Sticky Bead Argument - Part 2

Posted by on Wednesday, July 8, 2020,
In the previous article we reviewed the sticky bead argument, which is often used to prove that gravitational fields must carry energy. We also stated without proof that the argument is wrong. In this article we will show an analogous thought experiment which is known to be false, and demonstrate how it applies to the issue of gravitational fields.

Let me also state from the start that I am not arguing for one side or the other in this debate, and also make it clear that there are a number of ...
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The Sticky Bead Argument - Part 1

Posted by on Wednesday, July 8, 2020,
Do gravitational waves carry energy?

It seems like a simple question, with an obvious answer, and yet this question is still debated by some of the leading experts in the theory of gravity. There is no doubt that electromagnetic waves carry energy, or that pressure waves or sound waves or any other form of wave carries energy, and yet gravity is somehow quite different from all other known phenomena.

The reason for this is the general theory of relativity, first proposed in 1915 by Albert Einst...
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