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R.I.P. Professor Weinberg

Posted by on Tuesday, July 27, 2021,
Another bit of sad news today for the physics community, with the passing of Steven Weinberg. He was not only a Nobel Laureate and well respected expert in several branches of theoretical physics, but was also a very talented writer and lecturer who brought modern physics to the general public with his many books and articles.

In the physics community he is best known for being one of the people who unified electromagnetic and weak nuclear forces into a single theory, known as the SU(2) Gauge...
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Living in a Doughnut

Posted by on Saturday, July 24, 2021, In : Astronomy 
Yes, this week astrophysicists made the slightly provocative claim that our entire Universe is a giant doughnut. And no, this isn't a pandemic induced mass delusion.

Let us begin with a little background information. For the past century scientists have been aware that space itself is curved in the presence of mass and energy, which is one of the basic principles of general relativity. In fact it is the curvature of space and time that creates the phenomenon that we perceive as gravitational f...
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