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Printing With Human Tissue

Posted by on Thursday, June 17, 2021, In : Medical 
As many of my long time readers are aware, I fit into the Venn diagram of research scientists and 3D printing enthusiasts. Add in an interest in medical research, and one can see why this latest scientific breakthrough caught my attention this week.

Biomedical researchers have finally been able to 3D print human tissue.

Technically scientists have already produced 3D printed tissue, but there has always been a major obstacle to producing functioning organs. When organs grow naturally, they deve...
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R.I.P. Dr Zonk

Posted by on Saturday, June 12, 2021,
A bit of news for my fellow University of Victoria alumni, there is some sad news today with the announcement that Dr. Reg Mitchell has passed away. To most of the community he is better known as Dr. Zonk, the green-haired chemist who demonstrated cool chemistry experiments to school children (and many adults) for over thirty years at public events and lectures.

He was a skilled chemistry researcher, and an even better educator, and he will be missed by the local scientific community.
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