Now that everyone is settling back in to their school and work schedules, I thought it was time to give a few updates on my life and websites and whatever else comes to mind.

First off is a blatant money grab :)

For a few years I have been accepting donations of bitcoins or litecoins to help offset the costs of maintaining my various websites, and I appreciate the response that I have received. It is certainly not required and I do not expect people to donate. I will always keep my website free for everyone, as that is the spirit and nature of science and discovery. But for those who like to be charitable, that is an option. Donations can be made here. (UPDATE: The blog software that my host uses is automatically deleting links for cryptocoin donations, but there should still be links on the bottom of the page for those who are interested)

However a few of my readers have suggested that I should also be accepting donations through Patreon. I don't have any experience with this service, but if anyone would like to donate through that source the link to my new account is

In other news, some of my friends and colleagues from the theoretical physics and mathematics community have started a new web series of documentaries on modern science, and have hired me to work on this project. The working title is "The Edge of Reality", and it will focus on theories that are interesting to study, and are the subject of active research, but which are not well understood and usually which have little or no experimental evidence in favour or opposing them. My job will be to help them with the science behind the theories, and to work on some of the demonstrations and animations. I will provide a link to their channel once they get it up and running. Stay tuned :)

Otherwise I am continuing my work in research, and hopefully will have some more interesting news to relate on that front in the coming months. I also have some interesting projects that are just in the initial phases, but I will leave those details for future updates.

So I hope that all of you will continue to enjoy these article, and will join me in my new ventures in the months and years to come!