Today's article is going to be very different from my usual writing, in that it does not contain scientific or mathematics news, but rather news of a more personal nature. Ordinarily I would keep my private life private, but enough of my loyal readers have been asking about my recent absence that I feel it is worth giving a few updates.

For those who have not heard, on April 13th I was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery. I had been having abdominal pains for a few days before, but early on Saturday afternoon the pain got so bad that I couldn't even move. A CT scan at the hospital revealed intestinal damage that required immediate surgery. That was followed by two weeks of hospitalization, and will require a number of subsequent scans and tests over the coming months, culminating in a second surgery sometime this summer. 

At this point I am just happy that they caught it in time, and that there will be no lasting damage.

So for now I am in recovery mode. I am not sure how often I will be updating my websites and blogs during the next few months, but if something big happens I will endeavor to write at least a few lines about it.

I also want to take a moment to thank all of the amazing staff at the Royal Jubilee Hospital who have been tending to me for the last two weeks. I have been critical of the local hospital staff in the past because of a number of negative incidents ten to twenty years ago when my father suffered a stroke, but during my own stay in hospital everyone was kind and supportive, and dealt with some of the most horrible things with a smile and encouragement. It would be too long to list everyone who I want to thank, and I am certain that I would forget more than a few, but I truly appreciated everything they did for me and all of the cheerful chats and kind encouragement.

Though I would not wish this illness on anyone, it has given me a new perspective on a great many events and issues. And it has inspired me to explore some new interests and ventures - but that is a story for another day :)