As I have written before, I don't usually use my blog to promote businesses - it is meant rather to discuss new theories and discoveries in science, medicine and technology. However today I am making an exception because of some good news for those in the robotics field either as professionals or as serious hobbyists.

The news is that RobotShop, one of the top merchants of robotics parts and equipment, has bought the manufacturer LynxMotion. There had been rumors for a while that LynxMotion was going to be sold or closed, which was disappointing to many in the industry because they are one of the best producers of robotics kits and supplies.

In fact, my first serious robot was built on a Lynxmotion hexapod kit and the primary robot I use for development and programming is built on a Lynxmotion Tri-track kit.   Over the  years I have bought many of their products.

 And so it is a relief to know that they will continue supplying the robotics field, and continue to produce excellent kits.