Another astronomical event will be occurring today - and this one is considered among the most rare. During the day, the planet Venus will pass between the Earth and the Sun, resulting in the chance to view Venus during the day. More accurately, with the right equipment you will be able to see a dark spot move slowly past the surface of the Sun. If you do not have the right equipment, NASA is providing a webcam view here.  Many universities and observatories will be setting up public viewings as well. 

Again, let me emphasize that you should never look at the Sun directly! You should also never look at the Sun through any telescope or binoculars unless they are properly equipped for solar viewing. 

The transit of Venus is an interesting event to watch, and has a unique timing. It happens twice in a decade and then doesn't happen again for a century. Today happens to be the last time until the year 2117, so anyone who has even a vague interest in such things should definitely take advantage of it and have a peek at our neighboring planet. 

Happy viewing!