3D Models & Printing

Victorian Christmas Figures:

A collection of figures suitable for a Christmas village scene.
Trucks in the Snow:

Two old trucks sitting in a snow bank, as well as the two models without the snowy base. Suitable for Christmas village scenes.
A Very Gronk Droid Christmas:

This model depicts the true hero of the Star Wars saga, the Gronk Droid! Here he is with his festive Santa hat, ready to deliver gifts throughout the galaxy.
Santa's Little Helpers:

-With the global pandemic and our elderly population needing to stay in lockdown, Santa has to stay at the North Pole this year. So who can he get to deliver presents to the children of the world? The fastest smugglers in the galaxy!

This ornament depicts Han Solo & Chewbacca flying Santa's sleigh loaded with gifts for Christmas.

Grogu's Christmas:

-With the global pandemic, Santa is forced into lockdown. But he still needs to deliver gifts to the children of the world, and so he hires a replacement. 

The Mandalorian needs money to pay Grogu's food bills, and so he takes the job together with his helper.

This ornament depicts Mando and the Child riding in Santa's sleigh, loaded with gifts. (The mesh for the Child and several details on Mando's armour are taken from pre-existing models online, but unfortunately the repository that I used did not list the original author's name.)


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