3D Models                    Halloween Artwork                   Christmas Artwork              

Barn in Winter, 2019

Cabin in the Field, 2017

The Old Mill, 2017

Christmas 2016

Dawn of War

Planet's Edge

Christmas Morning 2014

 Skating in the Park

Fall scene of sunlight through red trees

 Fall Meadow

 Grassy Knoll

Ocean Rocks 

 Autumn Lake

Hidden Lake

Forest Creek

Waiting for Santa (2013)

Sunday Drive

Mountain Monastery

Autumn in the Country 



The Poppy Field

Remembrance Day

Fall on the Lake

Wheat Fields 

Autumn Trail

3D Content

Zazzle Greeting Cards (featuring my artwork) (also featuring my artwork)


A rendered scene of a lit log cabin on the edge of a frozen river, just as the sun is rising.

A Winter Sunrise

Winter Cabin 

Sunrise Fighters 

Storm Front

 Dockside Bonsai

A Lone Maple

NB: I do these renders and artwork for fun, but I do sometimes sell them when people ask. If there is an image you like, or if you have an idea for a piece of artwork contact me and I will consider your request.

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