While at university I also did a minor in computer science (not officially recognized though, since there was too much overlap with my math degree) and completed the coursework for a degree in electrical engineering (though some courses were not for credit). After graduation I continued taking courses in graduate level mathematics and engineering, advanced computer sciences, medical physics, and even audited a few classes of medical school just for entertainment. I have been a computer programmer for thirty years, publishing several software applications through the 1980s to the 2000s. I have also been an amateur roboticist for more than twenty years, personally building over two dozen robotics systems which I use for on-going research projects into artificial intelligence and automation.

In the 1990s I wrote a dictionary of unusual and obscure words, which I published to the internet in 1998. As of this writing, it has attracted over one million hits, spawned countless spin off projects, hardcover and softcover published versions, and has routinely ranked first place in Google searches for rare word dictionaries.

Also in the 1990s, I started researching my own family history and now have a family tree covering 100,000 individuals back to 800 A.D. and including such notable figures as Robert the Bruce, Lady MacBeth, Emperor Charlemagne, and numerous kings of England and Scotland. Subsets of this tree have been published to various genealogy websites, but I have been forced to quit maintaining them due to overwhelming demand from users and a lack of time to answer them all.

On the more negative side, I also spent fifteen years as an involuntary unpaid caregiver. My father had a stroke in 1998, and although the local hospital promised to get him into a long term carehome within a couple of months, they pressured me into looking after him 24/7 for a nearly nine years.(Even when he told hospital staff he was going to use his hunting rifle to go on a shooting spree, they still refused to place him into a more appropriate long-term care facility). Although he has since died, the problems created by him over this time (and by my brother's developmental disabilities and other family problems) required another five years of full time work to resolve. As of this writing, some of the damage he caused is still not resolved.

It is hard to summarize my life in one page. Over the years of my existence I have tried many new things and pursued many hobbies. I can read and write in French, German, Gaelic, and Latin. I was once part of the Olympic archery program. I have competed in international competitions in mathematics, chemistry and physics. I spent several years studying the art of bonsai, and still maintain a small collection of specimens. I can play guitar, piano, and bagpipes. Over the years I have published a few books, and participated in musical recordings as an instrumentalist. As an artist and photographer I have produced over 100,000 images, some of which have been sold for books and magazines internationally. I am constantly exploring and seeking out new adventures and new challenges, and will likely continue that trend for the rest of my days. 

That is my life in a nutshell.

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