Some information on the Grandiloquent Dictionary:

In the last eleven years of online availability, my grandiloquent dictionary has been adapted to:

  • Four published books
  • A word-a-day feature on Twitter (view it here)
  • An experimental PHP widget (view it here)
  • A mobile cell phone application
  • A smart phone app
  • Four Facebook applications
  • Three online javascript word games
  •  An English language educational calendar in Israel
  • A PocketPC application
  • Two arduino based word games (see for example the Loquino project)
  • A freeware dictionary app for Windows
  • Part of a Master's thesis on lexography

  • As of June 1, 2009, Google ranked the grandiloquent dictionary as the top site for 'rare words', 8th place for 'dictionary', and first for 'dictionary of obscure words'
  • For most word definition checked, my dictionary was the top site in Google
  • The Map below shows locations around the world that have viewed the dictionary. (More detail)

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