NOTE: After discovering another project similar to this one being produced by an Australian team, and finding their work to be much closer to completion than my own, I have decided to suspend development of this project until further notice.

This is a program I have been developing off and on for a couple of years, and plan to eventually make OpenSource so that other programmers and scientists can modify it for their own entertainment / research. The program generates a random ecosystem, along with small virtual organisms that inhabit the region. At each iteration, the organisms can feed, fight, breed, or mutate.  The mutations can be physical (such as adding limbs or sensory organs) or psychological (increasing the size of the internal neural network, or modifying its parameters). The goal is to have the organisms evolve into a higher species capable of surviving the random environment, but with no input or guidance from the user. 


Development History:

Version 0.4

  • The entire code has been translated to work in Unity and C# instead of XNA, to make graphical modifications and effects easier to implement.
  • Slightly more efficient AI methods implemented
  • More creature textures have been added
  • Initial implementation of falling rain/snow and puddle effects

Version 0.3

  • Creatures have limited sight and sensory ability.
  • Initial work has been completed to add non-human senses to the Creatures (ie electromagnetic field sensing, sonar, thermal imaging)
  • Increased range of vegetation in the Environment, and initial work completed on adding realistic water to the Environment.

Version 0.2

  • Environments are now randomly produced instead of hard-coded
  • The range of physical attributes of each Creature has been expanded
  • Creatures can now interact with the Environment, allowing for obstacle avoidance and for consuming vegetation.
  • Code has been optimized to permit larger colonies

Version 0.1

  • Initial tests of my own NeuralNetwork class, Creature class and Environment class for holding information on the organisms properties and its environment
  • Both the Creature class and Environment class can generate a 3D graphical output using the XNA framework.

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