Academic Prizes:

 OpenSource or Freeware Apps:

  • OpenOffice - A full office software suite
  • GIMP - A photoshop-like package
  • Blender - A complete 3D modelling, rendering, and compositing software package
  • Unity3D - A complete game authoring package
  • Nitro PDF - A free program to edit and saved PDFs
  • BlueGriffon - A website editor
  • Python - Programming language
  • LightZone - Open source digital darkroom
  • FeynmanDiagrams - Drawing particle physics diagrams

3D Artwork Resources

Online Shopping:

Distributed Computing Projects



Web Design & Programming:

  • Webify - commercial site for scripts and widgets
  • CreateJS - A set of Javascript libraries for making interacting websites.

Mindless Piffle:

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