Maker Projects:

Remote Webcam: This is a project I started working on to provide some family members with a security camera that could operate in an area with no WiFi and no electrical service. It is based on an Arduino board, powered by a solar panel and a lithium battery pack, and transmits photos and video to the user through the GPRS network.

Solar Charger: A spinoff of the remote webcam project, the goal of this project is to develop a solar powered USB charger which can generate 2W of continuous energy and store sufficient energy to last through bad weather and nightime.

NOMAD: An opensource robotics platform that was originally developed by the team at Victus robotics, before their startup funding ran out. I have adopted the project and continue to work on it in my spare time. This platform is intended to be used for remote robotics applications, to be controlled using the cell phone network in regions with no WiFi, and be capable of withstanding hostile environments and weather.

Note: My older projects which I am no longer working on have been archived to My amateur and academic robotics projects are located at

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