Chaos Game Screensaver v2.1

Yes, it's true. After years of neglect I finally completed a revision of my popular fractal screensaver program. This incarnation automatically adjusts for screen size and collects all of the fractals into a single screensaver. I estimate that it can generate about 1000 unique patterns now.

Please note that this is a BETA release and still has a few bugs in it. These will be resolved in a future release. As with all freeware, I take no responsibility for anything.

Download - Main Site

Mirror Site #1

Mirror Site #2

(This screensaver was compiled in C++ for use with Windows operating systems, and may eventually be ported to Linux. If anyone is interested in porting it to either Linux or Apple systems, contact me and I will forward the most recent version of the code)

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the file from one of the sites listed above
  2. Decompress the file to produce a *.scr file
  3. Place the file in the Windows\System32 directory (or the file with the *.scr files in it) OR right-click on the scr file and then click 'Install'
  4. Right-click on the desktop and choose properties
  5. Select the Screen Saver tab
  6. Select ChaosGame for the screensaver

Revision History:

  • Version 2.2
    • Support for higher resolution screens
  • Version 2.1
    • Configuration panel added
    • Several more patterns and colours added
    • Variable limit on the maximum number of dots
  • Version 2.0
    • Upgraded to allow manual changing of patterns
    • Colors and patterns are randomly changed
    • All screensavers are now included in one file

Known Bugs:

  • The screensaver may flash a black window during configuration due to a minor bug

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