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By accessing this website and any pages contained within it, or any website or content associated with this website or the author of this site, the user agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions. 

The content contained within this website is the sole property of the site owner and author unless otherwise stated. All files are considered protected by the GNU public license and media is protected by copyright or creative commons licenses unless otherwise stated. Should any part of those licenses conflict with any part of these terms and conditions, the author retains the sole right to decide which will be enforced. No content of this site may be copied or reproduced without the express permission of the owner, with the exception of files and software which are clearly marked as being available for download. All photos and artwork are the property of the author unless otherwise stated. Any individual using content or information copied from this website or associated websites agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions for as long as they retain the copied material. The author may, at his sole discretion, discontinue any part of this website or associated websites at any time. The author of this website reserves the right to demand that this site and/or any copy made of any content contained in this site be immediately destroyed.

The information in this site is provided on an as-is basis, with no claims of being accurate or error free. Opinions stated in this website or associated websites are those of the authors or other contributors, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone associated with this website. All blog content and news items are the opinions of the authors unless otherwise stated, and should not be taken as fact unless clearly stated as such. The author reserves the right to remove any information, including but not limited to blog posts, comments, and forum posts at any time without notification or justification. Any information or e-mail addresses contained within this website are for the sole use of users of this website, and may not be reproduced or utilized for any other purposes, including by not limited to advertising, commercial or financial gain, copyright infringement, or for use in any criminal activity. If posting a comment on a blog entry, the user agrees not to include advertising, unauthorized links, or material which may be deemed offensive or illegal.

The terms of this agreement shall supersede any and all other agreements for any software or content contained within this site or any related site, or contained on any computer or server connected to this site, including but not limited to any computer in the possession of or accessible to the authors of any part of this website or any related websites. By using this site, the user agrees to waive any and all pre-existing agreements which may or may not have been agreed to by the owners or the authors of this site. Such protections may be extended further to any personal interactions or dealings with the authors or owners of this website at the sole discretion of the author of the site, whether connected with this website or its usage or not. Any form of communication with the author through electronic or non-electronic methods shall constitute acceptance of these terms regardless of the nature of the communications, and shall be considered binding in all cases, including but not limited to individuals, businesses, or groups who have not read these terms.

Any webpage which is password protected is for the sole use of the individuals given a password by the author, and any attempt to remove the password or to bypass any security features on this site will be deemed a violation of these terms. Any file or website or content contained in this site but not linked to in public pages is to be considered private and may not be accessed except with permission of the author. At no time will the user attempt to view directory listings or files stored with this site but not included in the public areas of this website. 

In the event that any content of this site is deemed offensive, inaccurate, illegal, or in violation of copyright, the author reserves the right to remove it within 30 days of notification, with no further actions to be taken against the author. In the event of a dispute over content in this site, the author reserves the right to have it settled through mediation with no other recourse allowed. The author of this site assumes no liability for anything that may happen as a result of content contained within, including but not limited to damage to computer hardware or software, damage to reputation, copyright infringement, or any negative consequences of inaccurate information. The contact-me widget contained in this website is for the sole use of contacting the author for one of the reasons listed in the drop-down menu, and all other correspondences submitted through this widget shall be deleted unopened. The authors assumes no responsibility for any misaddressed e-mails to any individual associated with this site or for messages which were filtered out as spam. At no time shall the author ever be required to pay damages exceeding the sum of $1 CDN. Any claims made against the author of this site or individuals associated with this site will be resolved in a jurisdiction of the authors choosing, with the person or persons initiating the claim taking full financial responsibility for any cost incurred by the author in defending against the claim, including lawyers fees and/or court fees, regardless of the outcome of the claim. This site may not under any circumstances be accessed by users residing in any jurisdiction in which these terms are not enforceable. Should any part of this agreement be deemed unenforceable, the author of this site reserves the right  to remove the entire website and face no further repercussions or penalties.

In the event that the user disagrees with any part of this agreement, they shall be required to immediately navigate to another unrelated page and have no further access to this website or any page contained within. The author of this site reserves the right to amend or revise these terms at any time with no notifcation, and may at any time make revisions which shall take effect retroactively by up to 60 days prior to the change being published.

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