Tutoring Services

In addition to my regular career and consulting work, I also offer some tutorial services for students in science, engineering, and mathematics. 

  • Physics - I have a PhD in theoretical physics, and have received perfect marks in courses on particle physics, astrophysics, cosmology, nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, electromagnetism, and condensed matter physics. I have taught introductory courses in physics, and lectured in courses on mathematical physics, electromagnetism, and particle physics. I have been tutoring physics students for about 15 years, and offer services for all levels of physics.

  • Mathematics - I have an Honours BSc in Mathematics, and have taken multiple graduate courses in mathematics as well. I offer mathematical tutoring in all undergraduate mathematics courses, as well as graduate courses in differential equations, functional analysis, and calculus of variations. Other topics may be available as well.
  • Engineering - I have completed three years of undergraduate engineering courses as well as several honours-level courses in electronics and robotics, in addition to 25 years as a hobbyist in computer programming, electronics, and robotics. I offer tutorial services in any undergraduate electronics courses, and most programming courses. Contact me for specific course information.

Tutorials may be conducted in any of the following formats: 

  •  One-on-One - I can meet with individual students at an agreed upon location - usually a reading room on campus or a cafe - and discuss the subject matter in detail. Sessions last as long as the student requires, within reason, and cover any topics the student wishes to review. Rates are hourly, depending on the difficulty and level of the topic.
  • Group Sessions - If several students in the same class want to co-ordinate on a time and a place, I will offer a discounted group rate for tutorials on the same topic. This is usually the better option for students, since they often have the same questions and concerns.
  • E-Mail Tutoring - For students who don't live close by or whose schedules are tight, I also offer email tutoring services. Students e-mail me specific questions that they are having trouble with, and I will send back a PDF file giving the solution with detailed explanations. This service is usually billed at a per-question rate, depending on the level and difficulty of the problems.
  • Private Chatroom - Another option for students who live further away is a chatroom tutorial. This is just like a one-on-one tutorial session, except all communication is completed through my private chat room. This service is billed at the same rate as the usual one-on-one service.

I offer a limited number of sessions throughout the year, but I usually schedule extra openings during final exams and reading break each year. Interested clients should contact me for more information and available times. I can be reached at cbirdATlonrach.com

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