July 1, 1999 - It looks like I won't be allowed to take my truck to graduate school with me, so today I bought another truck. It is actually the same year and model as my old one - a 1980 Chevy Blazer - but this time there is no question as to the ownership. (My old one was a gift but wasn't put in myname)

June 28,1999 - I just saw my name in an article on this year's graduating class, and my ego grew by two orders of magnitude! (Here's a copy of my entry)

June 20, 1999 - I have been accepted into the theoretical physics graduate program at the University of Alberta. Now I just need to find a place to live there and figure out what of my accumulated junk I should take along. 

May 27, 1999 - I am still getting countless recruiting packets from graduate schools around the world. At last count I was over 300 of these things! How will I ever decide where to go...

May 10, 1999 - I think I finished classes just in time. The in-home caretaker who was to look after my father now that he is disabled quit within days of starting, and I need to try to find someone else who can do it. And it doesn't look like there are many options...

May 5, 1999 - In honour of now being a graduate of university, I have started a website to record my thoughts and publish any news I have.

April 30, 1999 - My exams are over and I have finally finished my Bachelor degree in Honours Mathematics & Physics!

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