July 20, 2019 - Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, one of the biggest milestones in human history. It was the first time that human beings set foot on another world, and will (hopefully) be remembered as the first step towards man's exploration of the Solar system and beyond. We can only imagine where mankind will go in the next fifty years!

July 1, 2019 - HAPPY CANADA DAY!!

June 26, 2019 - For those of you who are interested in quantum computing, D-Wave Systems has a new online program that allows users to write algorithms that will then be tested on their quantum computers. No special training or skills are required, although some experience in programming is definitely an asset. Those who are interested can sign up at

June 21, 2019 - I was told today that some people online had trouble finding my social media accounts. I have published these links before, but here they are again:  FacebookTwitter (professional), Twitter (personal), InstagramPinterestLinkedIn. Feel free to link and like and whatever else one does on social media now :)

June 16, 2019 - Happy Father's Day to all the fathers and grandfathers in the world!

June 15, 2019 - A reminder to everyone that today is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, when we should all take time to check on the elderly members of our families and our communities. As many of you know, this is an issue that is important to me because of members of my own family who were not only abused, but who could not get assistance from any form of government authority or healthcare program because elder abuse is still not taken seriously. Many victims are too scared and too embarrassed to report it. I know of elderly who have been told that if they complain, their abusers will have them declared crazy or demented and lock them away from society. I know of one abuser who threatened to have his coworkers in the hospital system abuse his victims after he'd had them locked up - and actually worked in a psychiatric hospital! It is time that we as a society stand up for our vulnerable members and say that we will no longer tolerate the apathy of our governments and hospitals when it comes to protecting the elderly!


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