Scientific & Mathematics Software, Part II

This page contains a collection of simple (and not so simple) programs and applications that I have written over the past twenty years, and which either demonstrate some mathematical or scientific principle, or which have been used for my own research projects. (These were available for download until June 2013 when a denial-of-service attack collapsed the hosting server. I will try to re-upload them once I have setup a new server.)
Autowriter - Another of my experiments in artificial intelligence, this project was written in the autumn of 2011 with the goal of creating a software program that could generate a coherent, consistent short story and eventually to produce automatically generated novels. I suspended work on this project after a couple of months due to family problems, but I still hope to restart it at some point in the future. (To be honest, I do not expect it to actually generate any decent story, but it is an interesting research project in the field of artificial intelligence, and I am curious to see how far it can get)
MegaBrain - An ongoing project involving an old, obsolete desktop computer, with the goal of converting the entire system including RAM, hard drives, and peripherals, to operate as a single artificial intelligence. I suppose that the ultimate goal is to create a fully autonomous, sentient desktop...

Evolver: An experimental program written in C# and Unity to simulate the evolution of 3D creatures in a simulated environment. More details.

Note: Development of this project has been suspended, as other teams of programmers have now built more advanced and opensource versions of this idea. I may restart it at a later date if there is suitable interest.

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